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Pole Vault

Athletics North East head coach is also the lead coach at the North East Pole Vault Academy, we will be support them in delivery and promotion of Pole Vault, helping to raise the standard of the event across schools and clubs. Look out for the training camps which we will advertise here. The North East Pole Vault Academy is the owner of the only Inflatable Pole Vault Bed in the north of the county. If you wish they can visit your school.

School Lap Tracker

Athletics North East is in the process of developing a unique school tracking system. The tracker system will allow school to track the progress of children participating in the daily mile runs and will reward the children performance.

Holiday Camps

Our Holiday Camps are suitable for ages 8 years and over and of all abilities. The main goal of the camps is always fun, but while having fun we can teach the children all round athletics skills. Children will take part in a full range of athletics events across the week as well as Intermittent games and team sports to maintain variation and interest.

Hannah has attended many camps over the last several years. The camps helped Hannah find an interest in athletics, would recommend these camps to anyone "great coaches"

Rob Wilson

My daughter Molly attended one of the Pole Vault Camps and loved it, she is now a serious athlete competing in this event and loves the sport "thanks guys"

Kay Elliot

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